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Restricted Data

Data series name Data provider contact* Additional information
WITS UN COMTRADE Policy on use and re-dissemination of UN COMTRADE data (pdf)
WTO IDB/CTS Dissemination of the Integrated Data Base (IDB) and the Consolidated Tariff Schedules (CTS) Database (doc)
Road density (km of road per 100 sq. km of land area)
Roads, goods transported (million ton-km)
Roads, paved (% of total roads)
Roads, passengers carried (million passenger-km)
Roads, total network (km)
Motor vehicles (per 1,000 people)
Passenger cars (per 1,000 people)
Vehicles (per km of road), Reproduction is strictly prohibited. Extracts must be quoted, after agreement with IRF Geneva, providing the source as "IRF Geneva, World Road Statistics WRS".
BOOST Public Expenditure Database for the following countries/states: Armenia, Burundi, Guatemala, Kiribati, Mexico, Minas Gerais (Brazil), Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), Seychelles, Solomon Islands, and Togo. Commercial use of these datasets is prohibited. Dissemination must cite “BOOST Public Expenditure Database, World Bank Group” and must state that commercial use of the data is prohibited.

*The World Bank does not warrant that contact information is current or accurate. Data users are responsible for contacting the data provider to secure permission for use of the data.

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