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Estimated Debt Service Payments - Summary
Based on Balances as of 30-APR-2012
All amounts denominated in US$ equivalents, Thousands
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  • Notes related to Estimated Amounts:
    1. The disbursed and outstanding loan/credit balances upon which computations of interests/charges are based
    exclude any principal overdue amounts.
  • 2. These projections require an estimate of future disbursement of loans/credits still disbursing. Future disbursements
    are estimated on pro-rating the undisbursed balance from the reporting date to the specific loan/credit closing date.
    "3. For IBRD loans, charges include commitment fee plus interest.
    "4. For IBRD loans, rates for charges are applied as follows:
    ��a. Commitment: estimates apply the current commitment rate less any applicable waiver.
    ��b. Interest: estimates are based on the current interest rates and do not include any applicable waiver.
    5. PPFs are not included in this report.
    "6. For FSL and FSCL the repayments have not been projected for undisbursed amounts (For IBRD products, FSL and FSCL only)
    "7. For FSL and FSCL, the interest rate used is the weighted average interest rate of the loan subtranches/tranches.
    8. Debt relief being provided to HIPCs is not included in these projections.
    Questions should be directed to the Loan Client & Financial Services Group
"(Email:, tel 202 458 8330, fax 202 522 1654).
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