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Lending & Assistance

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The World Bank channels resources into projects aimed at reducing poverty. These resources take the form of loans and credits, as well as advisory services and technical and capacity-building assistance.

Loans are negotiated between the Bank and the borrower on the basis of development objective, components, results, performance, and project implementation plan. They are governed by a set of operational policies and approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors, made up of donor and borrower member countries.

Country Aggregate Reports
Country Aggregate Reports consolidates lending and project information for each client country of the World Bank. The site summarizes a country's loan portfolio and provides more detailed information on loans, credits, grants, disbursements, repayments, types of financial instruments, lending by sector, as well as active and proposed projects. Launched in July 2006, the site discloses previously restricted financial information and consolidates project and sector lending information previously available on the World Bank website.

Loans & Credits
Loan & Credit Summaries list the latest projects approved for by the Bank’s Board.

The Bank’s project database, including status and documents, is available publicly. Projects can be searched by region, country, sector, and most recently, theme, which enables measurement of the Bank’s operations against the Millennium Development Goals and other strategic targets.

Estimated Debt Service
The Bank also makes available its monthly Estimated Debt Service report by country.

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