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Estimated Debt Service
Estimated Debt Service
The Estimated Debt Service Report (EDSR) is derived from the month-end data in the Loan Administration System. The summary report lists estimated amounts of future debt service repayments for a specific country, starting from the 1st of the current month until the last maturity of all its loans and/or credits. The detail report provides the estimated repayment data at the loan/credit level for a particular due date. The assumptions made in estimating the data are listed at the end of the reports.
Various events in the life of the project directly affect the estimation of future repayments: disbursements, cancellations, refunds and prepayments. Other variables that affect the computation of estimated repayment amounts are exchange rates, interest rates and the nature of the lending product. In order to obtain the most current estimates, we recommend the report be run on a monthly basis.
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