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Millennium Development Goals

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The MDGs and Sub-Saharan Africa

MDGs in Africa
MDGs in Africa
MDGs in Africa

MDGs in Africa

Adopted by the United Nations in 2001 as key targets for the developing world, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), simply put, seek to free men, women, and children from the dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty. These goals are also commonly accepted as a framework for measuring development progress.  

The eight MDGs are:

Blue arrowEradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Blue arrowAchieve universal primary education 
Blue arrowPromote gender equality and empower women 
Blue arrowReduce child mortality 
Blue arrowImprove maternal health
Blue arrowCombat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
Blue arrowEnsure environmental sustainability
Blue arrow

Develop a global partnership for development

The World Bank is committed to accelerating progress towards these goals in Africa to achieve significant, measurable improvement in people's lives.

Achieving MDGs in Africa - Progress, Prospects, and Policy Implications - June 2002 - A Global Poverty Report 2002 prepared by the African Development Bank. (PDF 486KB)

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