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Private Sector HIV/AIDS Consultation

Bamako, Mali - 3 to 5, December 2007
Begins:   Jun 19, 2006 
Ends:   Jun 23, 2006 

Private Sector HIV/AIDS Consultation
3 - 5 December 2007 - Bamako, Mali

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The World Bank, UNAIDS and the Government of Mali, in partnership with the Pan African Business Coalition (PABC), the Corporate Council on Africa, PharmAccess, The Global Business Coalition (GBC), The World Economic Forum (WEF), GTZ and ILO, are pleased to announce the Private Sector HIV/AIDS Consultation, to be held at AZALAÏ  HOTEL SALAM in Bamako, Mali, 3-5 December 2007.

The Private Sector Consultation is part of a larger effort to develop innovative partnerships between the public and private sectors and civil society in the fight against HIV/AIDS.1 The consultation will provide access and opportunities to exchange information and discuss tools to support and implement action plans and workplace programs that fully engage the power and resources of the private sector in national HIV/AIDS agendas.

The key objectives of the meeting are to:

  • develop a platform and business model for private sector delivery of sustainable services for HIV/AIDS in Africa.
  • focus on developing and market strategies/business models to (a) better protect the work force of the African private sector, and (b) leverage the power and resources of the business community to fight HIV/AIDS.

We believe this event is an extraordinary opportunity for the private sector and its partners to share best practices and current experiences as well as strengthen HIV/AIDS program implementation and management. Your contribution and active participation is essential to achieve these objectives. We very much look forward to seeing you in Bamako.

1Livingstone, Zambia -July 2003; Windhoek, Namibia - November 2003; Blantyre, Malawi - June 2004; Johannesburg, South Africa - February 2005; Launch of Pan African Business Coalition, Abuja, Nigeria - December 2005 (ICASA), Marrakech, Morocco - June 2006

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Agenda: English : French -The Agenda will be updated frequently between now and the time of the forum so please check this website for the most current version

Administrative Arrangements:
Sponsored: English : French
Registration Form: French : English
HIV/AIDS Business Coalitions: Guidelines for Building Business Coalitions against HIV/AIDS
(World Bank 2005)
French : English: Portuguese
Private Sector Manual: (World Bank)
English : French : Portuguese
Brochure: Private Sector & HIV/AIDS:
How can the private sector get involved?
Marrakech Private Sector Forum:
Final Report June 06: English : French
The State of Business Coalitions in Sub-Saharan Africa:(World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Health Initiative)
This report shows how 27 countries are supporting businesses in addressing HIV/AIDS.
Download country profiles:
PABC Business Plan: 204 Kb
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