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DRC Country Economic Memorandum

Democratic Republic of Congo
Country Economic Memorandum
Available in: Français
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Economic Prosperity Key to DRC's Stability - Photo credit: Kayikwamba/Bukavu, South Kivu, July 2011

Economic Prosperity Key to DRC's Stability

In the first detailed analysis of DRC's economy in 25 years, numbers show the country is set to grow by almost seven percent, key to drawing foreign investment, advancing trade and boosting the private sector. Read More >>

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Johannes Herderschee

Senior Country Economist
(In Washington)
Tel. +1-202-458 8343

Louise Engulu

Sr. Communications Officer
(In Kinshasa)
Tel. +243 98 30 29 14

Stevan Jackson

Communications Officer
(In Washington)
Tel. +1 202 458-5054
Data by Province [XLS]
Unofficial data for comments to be communicated to the World Bank
Available in French only

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