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Brazil-Africa South-South Cooperation Seminars

Location:   Washington DC
Begins:   Jun 05, 2012 08:00
Ends:   Jun 14, 2012 13:30
Contact Person:   Susana Carrillo

EVENT: Brazil-Africa South-South Cooperation Seminars
Bridging the Atlantic
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012
8 a.m. (EST Time)

Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia

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Susana Carrillo

Sen. Governance Spec., AFRCP
(In Washington)
Tel. +1-202-473-3391

Aby K. Toure

Comm. Associate, AFRSC
(In Washington)
Tel. +1-202-473-3391

Napoleao Dequech Neto

Consultant, AFRCP
(In Washington)
Tel. +1-202-473-8267

Video: Brazil and Sub-Saharan Africa: Partnering for Growth

More than half of Brazil's population is of African descent and strong cultural and social ties, as well as shared geological and climatic conditions, bind the two regions. Because of this, Sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil are natural partners for trade, investment and knowledge exchange.
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