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World Bank Knowledge Transfer Improves Government Capacities

Begins:   Oct 09, 2012 
Ends:   Oct 11, 2012 

World Bank Knowledge Transfer Improves Government Capacities
Government Staffers from Ministries of Education and Health Receive Training on Impact Evaluation, Deemed Essential for Greater Allocation of Scarce Resources by Donors to Key Sectors

Maputo, October 24, 2012 -- At the request of the Ministry of Education of Mozambique, and following the Bank-sponsored workshop held in Addis Ababa in May 2012, in which 6 officials from the Ministry of Education participated, the World Bank Mozambique education team organized a 3-day impact evaluation workshop in Maputo on October 9, 10, and 11, 2012.

The participating government delegations represented two areas of Bank operations within the Human Development sector: education and health.  The goal of this workshop was to give participants an overview of impact evaluation, including cutting-edge methods for conducting impact evaluation, an understanding of its importance for policymaking and program design, techniques on how to construct a results chain, and hands-on, practical skills in the application of impact evaluation techniques to actual projects.

Prior to the workshop, the majority of the participants had little or no experience with Impact Evaluations.  However, the workshop helped to facilitate a deeper understanding of the importance of impact evaluations in order to improve the design of programs and policies and to allow policymakers and donors to better allocate funds across competitive programs. 

This workshop provided a strong foundation in developing the evaluation culture of the participating ministries and will hopefully lead to increased demand for rigorous impact evaluations in the future. 

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