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Nov 21, 2012Africa Can Help Feed Africa: Removing barriers to regional trade in food staples
Sep 03, 2012“Death on Wheels” in sub-Saharan Africa: How to prevent it?
Aug 30, 2012Annual Conference of Speakers of Africa Parliaments in Midrand
Jul 26, 2012The World Bank Africa Film Series presents Town of Runners
Jun 29, 2012Paris - The Impact of the European crisis on Africa
Jun 28, 2012Paris - Shanta Devarajan, World Bank Chief Economist for Africa, and Punam Chole, Lead Economist, launched the latest Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) 2012
Jun 25, 2012Bridging the Road Safety Knowledge Gap
Jun 19, 2012Togo - Workshop on Public Financial Accountability and Oversight
Jun 05, 2012Brazil-Africa South-South Cooperation Seminars
Apr 24, 2012Africa: Scaling-up Efforts to Address the Road Safety Challenge

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