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Angola Public Information Center

Angola Public Information CenterThe Public Information Center (PIC) in Angola is open to the general public. The PIC provides access to current statistics, literature and reports on development work in Angola and beyond. The materials in the collection are published by the World Bank Group, United Nations agencies, academia, other development partners and civil society groups.

The growing partnership between the World Bank and Angolan academic institutions has led to the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding , for the establishment of the Angola Development Information Center. The center is a partnership between the Bank and the Agostinho Neto University which will host the center. The Angola Development Information Center aims to enhance knowledge and information sharing around various development issues. Once fully operational and opened to the public, the center will contribute to enhanced consultation with stakeholders through development dialogue. In the meantime, the World Bank Country office is still providing some assistance to those clients/visitors that require Bank publications.

To make available development information and knowledge products of the World Bank Group, to Angola’s development partners, civil society and other stakeholders, either physically or in electronic form, and to selectively disseminate materials to a wider audience in Angola.

Working Hours
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
9:00 – 12:30
14:30 – 17:30


Ana Maria Carvalho
: 244 222 394 877 / 394 677 / 394 727
Fax: 244 222 394 784

Who can use the PIC?

The PIC is open to the general public , including government officials, private sector, nongovernmental organizations, development partners, students, journalists, and members of academia and research institutions. PIC users can easily access a wealth of information through the Internet and more than 3,000 World Bank publications and special books and documents that are part of its diverse collection.


  • Online access to World Bank project documents, publications, and other development related-publications;
  • Access to special collection on CDs and videotapes;
  • Free internet access to development sites and databases, and other information resources for research purposes;
  • Global JOLIS catalogue system that allows users to see collection of 60 PICs around the world;
  • Guidance on all sources of information to all external audiences and to all Bank staff.

Available Reports and Documents

The various reports and documents available at the PIC include:

Project Information Documents (PIDs). These are documents that give brief summaries of evolving projects. These are updated and expanded as the project preparation proceeds.

Project Appraisal Documents (PADs) . These contain descriptions of a project and the plan for its implementation, including procurement procedures. These are made available to the public after presentation to the Board.

Economic Sector Reports . These include macroeconomic analysis of various country’s economy, analysis of major economic sectors and other reports on specified issues, such as poverty reduction strategies, etc.

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