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World Bank Burkina Public Information Center is open to the public world wide. It offers access to following documents: World Bank publications, Bank project documents, other public reports on Burkina, and more.

Burkina Faso Country Office Public Information Center (PIC) re-opened on February 25, 2004. The launch was handled by His Excellency the Minister of Information.

Physical location:

Bureau de la Banque mondiale au Burkina Faso – Ouagadougou
179, Avenue du Président Saye Zerbo
Zone des Ambassades Secteur 04

Mailing address:

01 BP 622
Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso


(226) 50 49 63 00


(226) 50 49 63 64


Lionel Yaro


English and French

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