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Country Assistance Strategy (CAS)

Background on Country Assistance Strategy

The Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) is the most important World Bank country document. It is tailored to the needs and circumstances of each country and lays down the World Bank Group's development priorities, as well as the level and type of assistance the Bank will provide for a period of three years.

The CAS preparation is a participatory process. Before its adoption, key elements of the strategy are discussed with government representatives; and to ensure the widest possible involvement, public dialogues are also held, with Internet-based discussions taking place in many countries.

However, the CAS is not a negotiated document. Any differences between the country's own agenda and the Bank's strategy are highlighted in the CAS document. A progress report is issued in the intervening year.

Interim Support Strategy for Comoros, 2000

The Interim Support Strategy (ISS) for Comoros, prepared in October 2000, reported on recent developments in Comoros and proposed an interim Bank strategy during FY2001. The strategy covered a one-year period during which time the country's performance would be monitored and assessed against specific benchmarks. The document stated that if satisfactory performance was met, the ISS would be replaced with a full country assistance strategy. 

As of March 2004, the World Bank had not yet presented a full country assistance strategy for Comoros.


Interim Support Strategy for Comoros (PDF)


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