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Listed below are links, sorted by topic, to listings of publications and reports on Comoros:

Agriculture and Rural Development

Food Security, Agricultural Policy, Rural Water Supply...


Economic Policy
  Macro/Non-Trade, Policy, Trade


Education Sector Development, Training...

Electric Power and Other Energy
  Distribution and Transmission, Hydro, Thermal

  Biodiversity, Environmental Impact Assessments, Cultural Heritage...

  Banking Systems, Micro-Finance...

Governance and Public Management
  Public Expenditure Management, Public Sector Reform...

Health, Nutrition and Population
  Health Care, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS...

Oil and Gas
  Exploration, Development, Transportation

Private Sector Development
  Privatization, Entrepreneurship...

Social Protection
  Labor Markets and Unemployment, Pensions and Social Insurance, Social Funds

Urban Development

Housing, Environment, Management

Water Supply and Sanitation
  Rural/Urban Water Supply, Sewerage, Adjustment



Highlights and Other Resources