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Jan 15, 2013WB urges developing countries to safeguard economic growth, as road ahead remains bumpy (Press Release)
Jan 14, 2013IFC, Other Development Institutions Pledge to Work Together to Address Job Creation (Press Release)
Dec 20, 2012World Bank Releases International Debt Statistics 2013 (Press Release)
Dec 13, 2012New, Individual-Level Data on Financial Inclusion: The “Unbanked” Are Deterred by Cost, Documentation, and Travel Requirements (Press Release)
Dec 10, 2012Information and Communication Technology is Revolutionizing Development in Africa (Press Release)
Dec 06, 2012African Cities Can Become More Sustainable, Resilient by Managing Water Better, Says World Bank (Press Release)
Nov 28, 2012Increased Targeting of Key Populations Can Accelerate End of Global HIV Epidemic (Press Release)
Nov 18, 2012New Report Examines Risks of 4 Degree Hotter World by End of Century (Press Release)
Nov 08, 2012Only 43% of Countries Disclose Public Officials’ Financial Assets, Says World Bank (Press Release)
Nov 02, 2012Bank Modernizes Investment Lending Policy (Press Release)
Oct 24, 2012Africa Can Feed Itself, Earn Billions, and Avoid Food Crises by Unblocking Regional Food Trade (Press Release)
Oct 24, 2012World Bank Urges Oil Producers to Reduce Gas Flaring, Increase Gas Utilization for Development (Press Release)
Oct 22, 2012World Bank & IFC Report Finds Developing Countries Made Significant Progress in Improving Business Regulations (Press Release)
Oct 11, 2012World Bank President Calls for “Solutions Bank” to Meet Global Challenges (Press Release)
Oct 04, 2012Despite Global Slowdown, African Economies Growing Strongly― New Oil, Gas, and Mineral Wealth an Opportunity for Inclusive Development (Press Release)
Oct 01, 2012Jobs are a cornerstone of development, says World Development Report 2013 (Press Release)
Sep 24, 2012Global Leaders Demand Immediate Attention to Children’s Education in Crisis Zones (Press Release)
Sep 14, 2012World Bank Group and IMF to Hold 2015 Annual Meetings in Lima, Peru (Press Release)
Sep 13, 2012Rethink Role of State in Finance, says World Bank (Press Release)
Sep 05, 2012World Bank Appoints Kaushik Basu Chief Economist (Press Release)
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