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Nov 23, 2011Climate Change Portal Helps Visualize World Climate, Expand Access to Data
Apr 06, 2011Fragility and Conflict Key Themes of Spring Meetings
Mar 15, 2011Advancing Food Security in a Changing Climate
Jul 16, 2010New Road Paves the Way for Regional Integration in Central Africa
Jan 29, 2010Regional Integration a Top Priority for Central Africa Bloc
Apr 23, 2009Africa Likely to be Worst Hit by the Financial Crisis
Feb 19, 2009World Bank Awards $50 Million to Modernize Financial Markets in Central Africa
Feb 09, 2009Regional Integration Recognized as Key to Infrastructure Development, but Challenges Remain
Feb 04, 2009Developed Countries Ignore Africa at Their Peril, World Bank Warns
Dec 23, 2008African Development Indicators Launch in Washington DC: Targets Diaspora to Promote Job Creation and Youth Development in Africa
Dec 09, 2008Consultations on the Bank Web Site
Dec 08, 2008Teachers Show Courage and Hope in Personal Fight Against HIV/AIDS
Dec 04, 2008Youth Employment – Key to Conflict Prevention, Poverty Reduction
Dec 03, 2008The World Bank’s Art Curator Discusses a Major New Exhibit – Africa Now!
Nov 19, 2008World Bank Welcomes Assessment of its Promotion of Transparency in the Extractive Industries Sector
Nov 19, 2008World Bank to Help Mitigate Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Africa’s Development
Aug 01, 2008Where HIV/AIDS and Africa’s Health Worker Shortage Meet
Jul 11, 2008Free Movement of Citizens, High Food Prices Top CEMAC Agenda
Jun 17, 2008Why Trade Costs Matter to Africa
Jun 05, 2008Climate Change: Likely Impacts on African Crops, Livestock & Farm Types
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