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The purpose of this newsletter is to provide policymakers, health professionals, practitioners, and development experts an open forum for the posting and discussion of news and information relating to Health Systems Development (HSD).

We are looking forward to a dynamic and informative discussion. Please share your knowledge and views.


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September (2006)Mobilizing Funds for Development
August (2006)Health Financing in Africa - Further Thoughts on Abuja
June (2006)Health Financing in Developing Countries
May (2006)The Malaria Burden in Africa
April (2006)Development Opportunities Presented by Investment in the Health Sector of Emerging Market Economies
March (2006)Health Care and the Marketplace
Februay (2006)Reaching the Poor
January (2006)Introducing Market Forces in Health Care: A Tale of Two Countries
December (2005)Treatment and Prevention of HIV/AIDS in India: Modeling the Costs and Consequences
November (2005)High-Level Forum on Health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
October (2005)Community Health Insurance (CHI) in sub-Saharan Africa
September (2005)Hospitals and their Challenges
August (2005)Understanding Fiscal Space (français)
July (2005)Investing in Health
June (2005)Bringing Medicine and Public Health Together
May (2005)Improving HNP Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for World Bank Operations
April (2005)Reengineering Health Care
March (2005)Prospects for Real Voluntary Health Insurance in Developing Countries
February (2005)

A Strategy for Private Health Care in Development

January (2005)

Improving Health, Nutrition and Population Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa

July (2004)Leadership to Improve Health Care Delivery World-wide
June (2004)Formulating Hospital Policy in Low-Income Countries
May (2004)

Buy Services not Equipment

Distinguishing Public and Private in Health: It's Easy

April (2004)

Sharing Countries Level Experiences on the Role of Health Insurance in Improving Access to Health Services

Healthcare for the two Billion Poor: Is Community Financing a Viable Solution?

March (2004)Scaling Out and Scaling Up: Why Systems Matter for TB Control
February (2004)

Reaching the Poor: From Documenting to Doing

Poverty and Equity: Do Health Systems Matter?

January (2004)

Where to Next for Health Sector Reform

December (2003)

Hospital Governance: Global Hospital Governance Study Calls for Better Board Development

Achieving Better Health Outcomes in Developing Countries through Public-Private Partnerships

November (2003)WDR 2004: Making Services Work for Poor People
October (2003)Mobilization of Domestic and Donor Resources for Health
September (2003)The Role of Generics and Local Industry in Attaining the Millennium Development Goals in Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines
August (2003)Funding Health Care: Options for Europe
July (2003)Institutions and Organizations Matter
June (2003)Globalization and Health Economics
May (2003)The Economic Consequences of Tobacco: Dispelling the Myths
April (2003)Toward Solving the Analytic Enigma of Health System Finance; A Fuzzy Logic Approach
March (2003)Health and Poverty: What's the Problem?  What to Do?
February (2003)Market Failure in Health Care: Still Common After All These Years
January (2003)Health Sector Reform in Developing Countries
December (2002)Better Health System for India
November (2002)Public and Private Roles in Health
October (2002)Social Re Insurance





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