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Turning Bureaucrats into Warriors


Turning Bureaucrats into Warriors: A Generic Operations Manual, Preparing and Implementing Multi-Sector HIV-AIDS Programs In Africa (June 2004) English , French &  Portuguese

These guidelines on preparing and implementing multi-sector HIV-AIDS programs are based on many lessons learned in Africa over the last three years and are designed as a generic operations manual (GOM) from which countries and implementing agencies can learn and adapt for their own use. There has been widespread consultation with relevant stakeholders in preparation of this manual and the responses have been taken into consideration in the final drafting. The GOM is meant as a “living document” to be updated continually on the basis of experience on the ground and to be used by anyone involved in HIV/AIDS programs who finds them useful.

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    PART I

Chapter 1: Background
Chapter 2: Lessons Learned in Program Preparation and Implementation
Chapter 3: Scaling Up


Chapter 4: Project Description
Chapter 5: Project Readiness Checklist
Chapter 6: Medical Waste Management


Chapter 7: Role of NAC and NAS
Chapter 8: Partnership
Chapter 9: Capacity Assessment of Civil Society Organizations
Chapter 10: Civil Society Organizations
Chapter 11: Communities
Chapter 12: Private Sector
Chapter 13: Public Sector (other than Health)
Chapter 14: Health Sector Response
Chapter 15: Decentralized Public Sector Agencies
Chapter 16: Local Government Responses to HIV/AIDS
Chapter 17: Contracting Services
Chapter 18: Supply Chain Management in HIV/AIDS Programs


Chapter 19: Financial Management
Chapter 20: Disbursement
Chapter 21: General Procurement
Chapter 22: Procurement of HIV/AIDS Medicines and Supplies

    PART V

Chapter 23: Monitoring and Evaluation
Chapter 24: Social Assessment
Chapter 25: Program Supervision


Chapter 26: Prevention
Chapter 27: Care and Support
Chapter 28: Mitigation
Chapter 29: Early Child Development (ECD)
Chapter 30: Refugees


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