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Africa Region Workshop on Vulnerable Groups and HIV/AIDS

A three-day regional workshop on Vulnerable Populations and HIV/AIDS, organized in collaboration with UNDPand UNFPA, was held in Cape Town, South Africa, March 11-13, 2009. The workshop provided participants an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. It also helped to strengthen the capacity of national core teams to address prevention, care, support and treatment in vulnerable populations, with specific focus on neglected groups such as sexual minorities, sex workers, and the prison community.

Approximately 70 representatives from eight African countries (Botswana, Burundi, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa and Swaziland) participated in the workshop. Participants came from national AIDS authorities, Ministries of Correctional Services, Ministries of Health, parliamentary representatives as well as the State Minister for Youth and Sports from Ethiopia.

8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:30 Welcome and Introduction
  • Debrework Zewdie; Director, Global HIV/AIDS Programs, World Bank
  • Elizabeth Lule; Manager, AIDS Campaign Team for Africa, World Bank
  • Christopher Thomas; Sector Manager for Human Development, Eastern and Southern Africa, World Bank
9:30- 9:45Overview Elizabeth Ninan (World Bank): Regional Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Vulnerable Populations
9:45-11:00Addressing Stigma and Discrimination
Chairperson:  Debrework Zewedie
11:00-11:15Tea Break
11:15-12:30Strengthening Grassroots Networks and Associations
Chairperson:  Christopher Thomas
1:30-2:45Service Delivery for Vulnerable Groups
Chairperson:  Tilly Sellers, UNDP
2:45-4:15Thematic Working Groups
  • Sex Workers (Jenny Butler & Eric Harper)
  • Sexual minorities (Hans Binswanger & Shivaji Bhattacharya)
  • Prisoners (Jonathan Berger & Tonderai Bhatasara)
  • Donor working group (Tilly Sellers & Elizabeth Lule)
4:15-4:30Tea Break
4:30-5:30Thematic Working Groups Report to Plenary

Woman Speaking
8:30-9:00Thematic Group Presentation continued….
Chairperson:  Eugenia Marinova
  • Sex work
  • Donor working group
8:00-10:15The Data Collection Challenge, M&E and Research
Chairperson:  Masauso Nzima
10:15-10:30Tea Break
10.30- 12:00The Role of External Donors and Technical Agencies
Chairperson:  Debrework Zewedie
  • Panel 1:  Karolina Kvarnare, Sweden/Norway; UNAIDS; Eka Williams, Ford Foundation; Vicky Tallis, OSI; Zach Mbele, HIVOS; Richard Matikanya, AIDS Alliance
  • Panel 2:  Tilly Sellers, UNDP; Jenny Butler, UNFPA; Brian Tkachuk, UNODC; Masauso Nzima, UNAIDS
12:00-1:00Presentation from country representatives of Associations/Networks
Chairperson:  Christopher Thomas
2:00-3:30Country Working Group Sessions
3.30-4:00Tea Break
4:00-5:30Chairperson: Eka Williams, Ford Foundation
  • Country Presentations (3) – situation of vulnerable populations, innovative responses, challenges, lessons learned and next steps
7:30-10:00Cocktail dinner

8:30-9:15Media and HIV/AIDS
Chairperson:  Elizabeth Lule
9 :15-10 :30

Chairperson: Brian Tkachuk, UNODC

Country Presentations (4) – situation of vulnerable populations, innovative responses, challenges, lessons learned and next steps

10 :30-10 :45Tea Break
10 :45- 12 :30 Country Working Groups Sessions
1:30- 3:00

Chairperson, Richard Seifman, World Bank

Country Presentations to Plenary

3:00- 3:30Closing SessionUNAIDS and World Bank


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