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Africa Gender Program

Since they compromise half of the population, women comprise the largest marginalized group in Sub-Saharan Africa. Although the economic empowerment of women has been articulated as a Millennium Development Goal, we still know very little about gender differences in the productive sectors - in particular, their magnitudes, their causes, and their consequences. Effective policy in these sectors requires both evidence on which interventions (those with an explicit gender focus and those without) work to address gender-specific constraints and estimates of the broader welfare implications of such interventions.

To strengthen the Africa Region's activities on gender in the productive sectors, the Africa Gender Program is leading a work program focussed on 4 areas identified as institutional priorities by both the World Bank Group Gender Action Plan (GAP) and the Africa Action Plan: (i) agricultural productivity, (ii) private sector development, (iii) property rights, and (iv) the school-to-work transition of adolescent girls.









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