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Impact Evaluation of Tanzania's National Agricultural Input Voucher Scheme

The impact evaluation of the Tanzanian National Agricultural Input Voucher Scheme (NAIVS) will be led by economists from AFTAR and the Development Impact Evaluation Initiative at the World Bank in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security, and Cooperatives (MAFC). In response to the food price increases in 2008, the government of Tanzania launched an Accelerated Food Security Project (AFSP) which aims to boost the level of food production and productivity in targeted areas for three agricultural seasons. One of the major components of the project will be to improve access to critical agricultural inputs through NAIVS, which distributes vouchers for a 50% subsidy on a package of fertilizers and improved seeds directly to farmers growing rice and maize in the high potential areas of the country. The objective of the impact evaluation will be to rigorously estimate the impact of these input subsidies on production, productivity, incomes, and food security. AFTPM will track this evaluation and provide support to ensure collection and analysis of the gender-disaggregated impacts of the program.


Start Date: FY 10

Anticipated End Date: FY 13

Survey Instruments: not yet available

Data: not yet available

Papers: not yet available

Contacts: Madhur Gautam, Nandini Krishnan, Shubha Chakravarty


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