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Currently 36 countries are members of the SSATP - and apart from committing to adoption of key, common, policy development principles which have been articulated by the partnership over the years, members are expected to commit to ensuring that their transport sector strategies are fully anchored in poverty reduction strategies.

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All the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in Sub-Saharan Africa are partners and provide the driving force behind the regional integration and transport initiatives, which are fully aligned with the relevant parts of the AU/NEPAD Short Term Action Plan for Infrastructure, and the Almaty Action Plan addressing the developmental constraints faced by landlocked countries, of which 12 are SSATP members.

Additionally a large number of public and private sector sub-regional organizations are partners, along with donors.

A simple but effective governance structure ensures full accountability of program management (hosted by the World Bank) through an Executive Board representing bilateral and multilateral program supporters, beneficiaries, and the African private sector. Annual General Meetings receive, review, and adopt reports.

The Program is currently engaged in the implementation of its Second Development Plan (DP2, 2008-2011), and is managing a host of activities organized within three thematic frameworks: Transport Sector Strategies, Institutional and Financial Management of Road Transport Infrastructure and Services -Road Management & Financing and Transport Services - and Transit Transport. Cross-cutting issues comprising Road Safety, Governance, Transport Data Management and HIV/AIDS feed into all thematic works.

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