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The wealth of analytical, data collection and methodology work conducted by SSATP since its inception in 1987 is thoroughly categorized in our SSATP Publications Database. The database offers convenient access to over 360 resources on the main themes of the Program:

  • Transport Strategies span resources on transport policy development with strategic emphasis on poverty reduction and social empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Road Management and Financing offers insights into good practices to achieve  sustainable management and financing of road networks, complemented by useful tools and technical methodology resources
  • Transport Services resources address the challenges in rural and urban mobility, as well as the broader context of appropriate access to transport services
  • Regional Integration covers such important factors of economic growth as international and regional trade facilitation, development of robust transport corridors for maximum development impact and institutional capacity building for effective regional integration
  • Road Safety has significantly grown in importance in recent years as a critical aspect of sustained development of the transport sector. Our road safety publications discuss economic, social and technical components of road safety
  • The main Cross-Cutting Issues in transport sector development are gender equity, employment generation, HIV/AIDS and protection of the environment

All these resources can be of one of the following types ( Resource Type ):

  • Papers and Notes include Working Papers, Discussion Papers and Technical Notes
  • Country Documents and Regional Documents focus on particularities of a specific country or geographic region
  • Conference and Workshop Materials include proceedings and presented materials from the events related to SSATP activities
  • Data sets and Matrices are collections of transport sector data available in a tabular form
  • Knowledge Bases are systematized compilations of factual information about the transport sector
  • Tools are analytical frameworks or computer software that facilitate analysis of complex multi-factor approaches in transport sector development
  • Toolkits are step-by-step guides to the best practice implementations on various transport sector subjects
  • Surveys and Questionnaires give an idea about how SSATP collects data for statistical analysis and further policy development
  • many other useful resources are also available in the form of Presentations, CD-ROMs, Legal and Regulatory documents, Newsletters, Training Materials
  • all documents related to the SSATP Program and its organizational activities are available under SSATP Program Documents

There are two ways to search the database: Simple Search is the quickest way to find resources if you have a few non-generic keywords in mind (e.g., "PRTSR process "); full power of the database is accessible through the Advanced Search option where you can combine all possible search criteria to precisely specify the scope of your interest, even if it is about the most generic terms like "transport sector ". We encourage you to try both approaches!

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