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Transport Sector Strategies

One of the core initiatives of the SSATP Second Development Plan (DP2) is the formulation of transport strategies addressing sector wide issues. In relation to this, the flagship component of the Transport Sector Strategies theme entitled "Pro-growth, Pro-poor Transport Strategies (PGPTS)" is launched by SSATP partners to support the development of a national transport strategy responsive to second generation poverty reduction strategies by member countries.

PRTSR Status June 2007 -- SMALL
PRTSR Status Map (June 2007) 

Key Documents (PDF)
A framework for a Pro-growth, Pro-poor Transport Strategy:
PRTSR Guidelines:
English, French, Portuguese
PRTSR Report on Pilot Case Studies:
English, French
Transport and the Millennium Development Goals:
English, French
Final PRTSR Country Reports (PDF)
Côte d'Ivoire: French
Kenya: English
Lesotho: English
Malawi: English
Mali: French
Senegal: French

The PGPTS initiative is part of the efforts by the Program and its national and regional partners to optimize the contribution of the transport sector to the growth and poverty reduction agenda of Sub-Sahara African countries. The goal of the initiative is to enhance the use of internal and external resources efficiently and effectively in transport interventions supporting economic growth and poverty reduction. The initiative is also an important instrument to influence better allocation of resources for the transport sector. Its purpose is to create shared understanding by a broad range of influencial people -- public sector, private sector and cicil society -- of how to improve national transport strategies in order to optimize the contribution of transport to economic growth and poverty reduction, and support national stakeholders to develop and implement appropriate transport strategies.

The PGPTS development process is fully participatory and focuses on two fundamental points:

  • The transport interventions that need to be encapsulated in the national transport strategic frameworks, and
  • The policy changes and strategies to be adopted to facilitate implementation of the transport interventions

The Transport Sector Strategies theme builds on the results of the poverty reduction and transport strategy review (PRTSR) process by encapsulating the lessons learnt in the PGPTS and initiating member countries to regularly maintain the coherence of the poverty reduction strategies and national transport strategies. The theme will further strengthen the use of the PRTSR process as a policy development tool by promoting good practices. An important task related to the process is the review of the application of the PRTSR recommendations and the impact of the process and sharing good practices.

SSATP partners consider the importance of developing and implementing comprehensive transport sector strategies that mainstream cross-cutting issues.  Most importantly, the Transport Sector Strategies theme will be strengthening the effort of mainstreaming cross-cutting Issues in transport strategies by promoting the development of effective Road Safety policies and establishment of Road safety lead institutions. The strategy works will be further strengthened by developing strategies mitigating the negative impacts of transport on climate and adaptation to climate change. Further governance and transport data management will be focus areas for sector strategy development works. The latter will be facilitated by the promotion of the Transport Sector Data Management System (TSDMS) developed by SSATP.

Transport and the Millennium Development Goals

"Transport and the Millennium Development Goals" review has been addressed through an analytical process examining transport related targets and indicators for each of the MDGs. Embracing specialist consultancy work, country case studies, and review by experts drawn from all the major international and regional development institutions. The important output proposing clear transport MDG linkages will be found on the site.

Africa Action Plan

For the benefit of readers we have included the World Bank's Africa Action Plan (English, French, Portuguese). This is not an SSATP publication, but is clearly an important document requiring widespread dissemination.

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