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Road Management & Financing

The Road Management and Financing (RMF) theme of the SSATP brings together a number of initiatives under the earlier components of SSATP – RMI, RTTP and UM – and broadens and deepens them in line with both the Long Term Development Plan objectives (LTDP) of the SSATP and the demands of the key stakeholders. The outputs of the theme feed directly into the first three outputs in the LTDP:

  • SSATP program approach implemented at country and regional levels;
  • Key transport professionals (public and private) & beneficiaries engaged in ensuring coherence between transport policies/strategies and national poverty reduction and economic growth strategies
  • Appropriate institutional development strategies and secure financing mechanisms adopted and implementation under way.

The theme provides the policy underpinning for the promotion of sustainable road management and financing in Sub-Saharan partner countries. RMI and now RMF have helped to develop building blocks for the reform process based on the premise of commercialization of road management (charging for road use on a fee-for-service basis and managing roads as a business enterprise) which has been widely disseminated since the early 1990s under the title of "Second Generation Road Funds".

The experience of the Road Funds has been successful in better securing road maintenance resources and improving governance in their management. Still, to reach full impact of the reforms, additional measures are needed to complement financing innovations if there is to be a lasting improvement in the road sector. These measures seek to improve road network management by establishing efficient, autonomous road agencies. Rural road networks have always been a key component of road networks in view of their importance for the mobility and accessibility of the rural poor. Since the 1990s, rural road management issues have been well identified. Progress made to address these issues need to be strengthened. Management and financing arrangements remain often unclear and even the extent of rural networks and their condition are not always known.

Based on the above assessment and in collaboration with its partners, the RMF theme has defined a work program for the 2004-2007 period of the SSATP Long Term Development Plan. The work program includes analytical work as well as dissemination of knowledge to promote reforms and build the capacity of stakeholders in the road sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. This web site provides access to the information available and publications produced by the RMF theme.

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