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congo film

Facilitating Cross-Border Trade between the DRC and Neighbors in the Great Lakes Region of Africa: Improving Conditions for Poor Traders:  This short video captures the current situation and opportunities for cross-border trade between DRC and neighbors with a focus on agricultural products. Through interviews with small traders and government officials, this video shows that much of current trade across these borders is informal and carried by individual traders, most of whom are poor women. To view the French version of this video please click here 

wbi-afr-NTBsWBI-Africa Series on Trade and Regional Integration: Knowledge Sharing Event on Addressing Non-Tariff Barriers in Southern Africa: This event geared towards facilitating a platform for an informed debate and knowledge exchange between policymakers and other trade practitioners in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Mauritius and Botswana and provides practical policy recommendations on how countries, either unilaterally or through a regional process, can remove existing NTBs as well as preventing the development of new ones. 

secure economic growth SADCSecure Economic Growth for SADC: AFR Economists Interviewed on CNBC Africa: New World Bank research shows that a combination of policy barriers are hampering regional trade in both goods and services among Southern African countries, and calls for a new generation of policy reforms to realize "Factory Southern Africa" for securing economic growth, creating jobs, reducing skills gaps and promoting keener competitiveness. Senior economists, Taye Mengistae and Ian Gillson discuss the report's assessment of the SADC.

trade facilitation videoTrade Facilitation Video Feature: Northern Corridor
Following the logistics of a coffee exporter from Kenya (port of Mombasa) and through the border in Kenya/Uganda (Malaba) and to the final clearance in Kampala, the video captures some of the key facilitation issues along the Northern Corridor. The video highlights the benefits of facilitation measures to improve logistics efficiency through programs such as the World Bank’s East Africa Trade and Transport Facilitation Project aimed at improving trade logistics and customs efficiency along the northern corridor, and thereby stimulating economic growth in the region.

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