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Africa Trade
Africa Trade Policy Notes
African Development Indicators
by Paul brenton
African Development Indicators
by John Keyser
African Development Indicators
by Josaphat Kweka, Paolo Zacchia, and Elizabeth Mehta
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Africa Can Help Feed Africa

This new World Bank report illustrates that Africa’s farmers can potentially grow enough food to feed the continent and avert future food crises if countries remove cross-border restrictions on the food trade within the region.


Pathways to African Export Sustainability

African exporters suffer from low survival rates on international markets. They fail more often than others, incurring time and again the setup costs involved in starting new relationships. This high churning is a source of waste, uncertainty, and discouragement


An Africa That Can Feed Africa

Short documentary film featuring interviews with policy makers, farmers and traders shows the various obstacles they face when it comes to trading food staples within Africa.

Professionals on the Move

Short documentary film that illustrates the challenges and prospects facing service professionals such as lawyers, engineers and accountants in practicing outside of their countries within the COMESA region.


Nov 21, 2012Africa Can Help Feed Africa: Removing barriers to regional trade in food staples
Aug 30, 2012Annual Conference of Speakers of Africa Parliaments in Midrand

What's New

Oct 24, 2012Africa Can Feed Itself, Earn Billions, and Avoid Food Crises by Unblocking Regional Food Trade (Press Release)
Sep 20, 2012Rwanda: Improving the Investment Climate for Private Sector Development (Results Profile)
Jul 27, 2012World Bank Approves Funds for Boosting Regional and International Trade in Central Africa (Press Release)

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