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Nov 12, 2010More open trade and well designed employment policies - key to supporting growth
Nov 11, 2010World Bank Focuses on Unlocking Cameroon’s Potential in Telecoms, Forestry, Mining and Energy
Nov 08, 2010Remittances to Developing Countries Resilient in the Recent Crisis
Oct 21, 2010MEDIA ADVISORY: Trade and Employment Post-Crisis Conference
Oct 12, 2010New World Bank Survey: New Business Registration Dropped amid Global Financial Crisis
Oct 09, 2010Kingdom of Lesotho Receives US$15 Million Boost for Development of Its Transport Sector
Oct 09, 2010World Bank Calls for Renewed Focus on Sudan's Development Challenges and Opportunities
Sep 29, 2010Development Economics Needs to Better Help Policymakers, Zoellick Says
Sep 27, 2010World Bank Study Urges Air Services Liberalization to Promote Safety and Development in Africa
Sep 09, 2010International Leader on Clean Energy Joins World Bank
Aug 26, 2010New World Bank Funding to Boost Power Transmission in Tanzania
Aug 03, 2010Emerging Market Countries Partner with World Bank to Achieve Risk Management Objectives
Jul 27, 2010World Bank Approves US$35million for Kenya’s Coastal Development
Jul 26, 2010Uganda Shows Way on Scaling up Carbon Mitigation
Jul 09, 2010World Bank Approves Project to Increase Income of Rural Entrepreneurs
Jul 07, 2010Countries Have Opportunities to Boost Global Investment Competitiveness, Finds World Bank Group
Jul 02, 2010World Bank Board of Executive Directors Endorse New Assistance Strategy for Kingdom of Lesotho
Jun 29, 2010Ethiopia Receives US$180 Million for Energy Access Project
Jun 29, 2010World Bank Approves US$255 Million Grant for Multimodal Transport Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Jun 29, 2010World Bank Provides Additional US$70 million for Ghana Energy Development and Access Project
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