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Africa Finance & Private Sector Development

Africa Finance and Private Sector Development
Private sector development is critical to facilitating economic growth and reducing poverty and inequality in Africa. The Africa Finance and Private Sector Development (AFTFP) Department is uniquely positioned to provide technical assistance and execute lending and operational projects across a broad range of themes. More...

What's New

Nov 15, 2012Private Investors to Raise Stake in Financing Kenya’s Infrastructure
Oct 24, 2012Africa Can Feed Itself, Earn Billions, and Avoid Food Crises by Unblocking Regional Food Trade
Oct 22, 2012World Bank & IFC Report Finds Developing Countries Made Significant Progress in Improving Business Regulations
Sep 25, 2012Ethiopia: World Bank Approves New Funding to Improve Delivery of Education, Health and Other Services for 84 Million People— Also Pledges Support for Ethiopia’s Main Roads
Sep 20, 2012World Bank Funds to Rehabilitate Roads and Tackle Urban Congestion in Liberia

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