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Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Richard Cambridge

Richard joined the Bank as a Young Professional and has undertaken a variety of assignments. He has served as the Personal Assistant to the Senior Vice President of the World Bank; Country Economist for Venezuela and Jamaica in the Latin America and Caribbean Region; Project Economist in Education and Human Development Divisions in the East Asia and Pacific, East Africa, and South Asia Regions; in the Agriculture Institutions Division in the South Asia Region; and in the Population, Health and Nutrition Department of the Bank. He has served as the Environment and Social Development Adviser in the Office of the Director, India, Nepal and Bhutan; and as the Principal Operations Adviser in the Office of the Regional Vice President, South Asia Region. He was the co-leader of the Bank team that developed the Capacity Development in Africa: Management Action Plan (CDMAP) in 2006.

Richard has extensive World Bank operational experience, serving as Project Economist on eleven (11) investment projects, and as Team Leader/Task Manager for twenty (20) investment and adjustment operations in the agriculture, human development, transport, public administration, construction industry, social safety net, and environment sectors.

Richard completed his secondary education in Georgetown, Guyana. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the USA, and completed his Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Political Science at Macalester College; a Masters Degree with Distinction in International Relations; and a PhD in International Economics and Politics at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. He has also studied at the United Nations Graduate Study Program, Geneva Switzerland; Stanford University Graduate School of Education; and has been a Visiting Scholar at Kennedy School of Government and the Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Graduate School of Education. Richard is married to Joedy Wiborg Cambridge. They have two children, Alyson and Daryn.

SOHEYLA MAHMOUDI (IRAN), SENIOR OPERATIONS OFFICER, Coordinator for African Remittances Institute(ARI) EC-Bank Trust Fund, and African Union Commission (AUC) Washington, AUC Addis Ababa, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, and Lesotho IDF Grants.

Soheyla Mahmoudi

Ms. Soheyla Mahmoudi is currently the Senior Operations Officer for the African Diaspora Program in the Office of the Africa Regional Vice President at the World Bank. She is the Task Team Leader for Strengthening Diaspora engagement projects in several countries - such as Kenya, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda as well as the African Remittance Institute (ARI) project. She joined the Bank as Finance Analyst and has worked in various assignments, such as working in the Africa Region Capacity Development and Partnership Unit and Africa Region Operation Quality and Knowledge Department. She has extensive World Bank operational experience in Africa, South Asia, and East Asia regions. Ms. Mahmoudi’s specialized experience is in areas of post conflict/conflict countries. She worked and lived in Afghanistan right after fall of Taliban in 2001 and also worked extensively with the Governments of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Uganda in 1990.

Ms. Mahmoudi is from Iran and migrated to the USA after Iran's revolution. Soheyla holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and completed her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.


Sally Dormeyan

She joined the Bank from Zimbabwe where she worked for the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) for 9.5 years beginning in 2001. She served ACBF as a Program Officer (Southern Africa, PO-West & north Africa); Senior Program Officer (West & north Africa); Program Team Leader (Eastern & The Horn of Africa); Operations Manager-OPD I (Southern Africa); ACBF Portfolio Reviewer; Manager, Business Continuity (Manager-Johannesburg Office). Prior to employment with ACBF, after post-graduate studies, Sally worked for the United Nations (UNDP, UNCDF and WHO) in various capacities and sectors including being general development/program Officer, Field Implementation Officer, Technical Officer in the health sector (HIV/AIDS programs as well as Technical Officer for Vaccine Preventable Diseases). Sally also previously but briefly (1.6 years) served The World Bank as a locally hired Consultant coordinating the Zambia Rural Travel and Transport Program (then under the sub-Saharan Africa transport Program-SSATP unit). Sally brings to the Bank a wealth of knowledge, experience and lessons from the capacity development field, program management, stakeholder consultations and strategic development partner/stakeholder relationship building, maintenance and networking including building collaborative partnerships at strategic levels in countries as well as with the regional Economic Commissions in Africa-ECOWAS, SADC, EAC, IGAD and COMESA as well as with the African Union Commission (AUC). Sally also brings along experience in monitoring and evaluation from her efforts of pioneering the review and rating of portfolio of projects and programs financed by the African Capacity Building Foundation as well as experience in having been a member of the ACBF team that pioneered the development of performance indicators in capacity building (the Foundation’s work that is still in progress).

Thematic coverage of Sally’s past development work coverage spans across various areas and sectors including poverty reduction-PRSP related work, issues on migration and labor mobility, inter-facing state and non-state actors, developing programs and conducting needs assessments for targeted projects and country-level programs in: financial management and accountability, project appraisal, financing and procurement, public administration (including local government and decentralization), productivity and performance management, economic policy analysis and management, private sector, infrastructure projects in roads, weir and dam construction, natural resources conservation and environmental management, health sector programs, and others. Sally’s educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Development Studies (Specializing in Economic Policy and Planning-EPP) awarded by the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague-Netherlands; a Master of Banking and Finance Degree by The FINAFRICA Foundation in Milan, Italy and a B.A. Degree in Humanities and social sciences with double majors in Economics and Business Studies) awarded by the University of Zambia, Lusaka campus. In terms of knowledge and skills upgrade, Sally has also undertaken several short term studies/training in Results-Based-Management (RBM) + project evaluation and performance rating, risk management, participatory project evaluation, performance management, project financing and procurement, etc. Sally is married with many children.

KOFI ANANI (GHANA), SENIOR OPERATIONS OFFICER, Coordinator for the proposed African Diaspora Investment Fund (ADIF), a proposed High-Level Forum on Remittances, and proposed IDF grants for Ghana, Liberia, and Mozambique.

kofi Anani

Kofi Anani, a Ghanaian national, is an Operations Officer and Programs Coordinator at the Regional Coordination Unit of the World Bank Institute. Kofi is an experienced social scientist, strategic thinker and actions designer with over 15 years in International Development practice focusing on governance challenges in communities where poverty is predominant in Africa. Since joining the Bank in 2001, Kofi's work has concentrated mainly on capacity development issues related to service delivery, governance, decentralization, knowledge management and learning, and regional integration in Africa. He coordinates WBI country programs in Anglophone African countries.

From 2003 until now, Kofi has been the task manager of WBI's program on mobilizing the African Diaspora for Development. Kofi is currently working with the Africa Region to establish a Bank-wide Diaspora engagement program. Kofi holds a PhD degree in International Development specializing in public sector governance and rural communities from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He is married with 2 (twin) kids.


Feng Zhao

Leader of the Ethiopia Diaspora Professional Project. Dr. Feng Zhao is Senior Health Specialist of the World Bank. He has more than 19 years of experience in public health, medicine, economics and demography in Africa and Asia. He has worked extensively on service delivery, public-private partnership, eHealth, Sector-wide Approach, health care financing, and public expenditure analysis. His rich experience in managing health programs from both the government and donor side strengthened his skills in the areas of strategy development, planning, and implementation. He is currently managing the Bank's health portfolio in Ethiopia and Lesotho. He is also the eHealth coordinator for the World Bank, leading the preparation of an eHealth program for Africa.

He holds a Ph.D in population and health economics from the Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Public Health from University of California at Berkeley, a MD from China. He serves as a faculty member for a number of universities.



Isra joined the Bank as a Short-term Consultant with the Development Research Group (DECRG) before joining ADP as a Junior Professional Associate in 2010. Prior to joining the Bank, Isra has also worked for the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Reuters in Paris, France. Isra holds a BA in Economics (Honors) and Political Science with a minor in French from Macalester College.

Mekonnen Firew Ayano



Mekonnen is the Focal Person for the Diaspora Professional Network. He provides strategic and technical supports of co-ordination, advice and guidance for African diaspora professional organizations to engage and scale up the ADP for African development.

Mekonnen holds a master’s degree in law from Harvard Law School. He holds another master’s degree in International and Comparative Law from the American University in Cairo. He received LL.B. (bachelor’s) degree from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. He is also a fellow at the Project on the Foundation of Private Law and a doctoral candidate at Harvard Law School, where he conducts research in areas of constitutional governance, land and natural resources, and law and development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As a lawyer, Mekonnen worked in both international development organizations and judicial institutions. He was a lawyer at the Legal Vice Presidency of The World Bank, where he served in various capacities, including as a country-lawyer for Ghana and Malawi, providing diverse legal services such as advisory and operational legal services for development projects, drafting and negotiation of financing agreements, and supervision work. Mekonnen has a strong comparative law background and experience with the laws and institutions of developing countries. He was a high court judge in Ethiopia where he served on both civil and criminal benches deciding on various private as well as public law cases.



UGANDA: IDF Grant for Strengthening Capacity for Diaspora Engagement with Specific Focus on Infrastructure Sector (Energy, Roads and Railways) - P119720

Leader of the Digital Media Strategy, is a multi-disciplinary international consulting firm specializing in management and organizational development, strategic and operational planning, capacity building, participatory social engineering, social accountability, governance and social safeguard policies. SSA, LLC provides extensive expertise to various public and private sector clients across a wide range of development initiatives in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. The success of Social and Strategic Assessment, LLC derives from a thorough understanding of organizational development, strategic and operational planning, capacity building and social development priorities and the design of cutting edge approaches to address the identified priorities.

We are a female owned company that manages its various field-based operations through staff and affiliates in client countries and collaborative arrangements with a number of associates whose clients are public and private sector organizations and non-government organizations. We provide high quality advice, training and support to organizations involved in program design, implementation and evaluation, strategic and operational planning, public sector reform, governance of development programs and social assessment. We try always to work at the cutting edge of technique and knowledge in management development issues.

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