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If you have any questions or comments regarding the African Diaspora Program, please please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below before emailing us.

1. How do I learn more about the World Bank’s “African Diaspora Program”? At the current time, the best source of information is this website (, which is regularly updated with relevant information. We regret we will be unable to respond to individual requests for more or specific information.

2. I am interested in attending a future World Bank African Diaspora event. When is the next one being held and how can I register myself? No further events are currently scheduled. Please continue to consult the Diaspora website regularly as all upcoming events will be listed well in advance along with detailed information on agenda, speakers, registration and fees, if any.

3. I would like to apply for a job at the World Bank? To whom can I send my resume? Individuals at the World Bank are unable to accept resumes from prospective applicants. All Washington and country based vacancies are updated daily on the Bank’s job site ( and we request you to consult this regularly and apply to any relevant positions using the described process. You will also be able to set up a search agent that notifies you of relevant jobs as soon as they are advertised. Please note that all these vacancies are managed by HR teams within the recruiting units and the Diaspora team will not be able to provide any information on the application status.

4. I am interested in being considered for consulting opportunities within World Bank projects in Africa. Whom can I contact about this? Facilitating the Diaspora’s contribution to development through ongoing World Bank projects is one of the Diaspora initiative’s goals and we welcome your interest. We are currently creating a dedicated database where interested individuals can post their resumes that will be available to project team leaders seeking qualified consultants. The Diaspora website contains a prominent link to this database. You may submit your CV and the completed Basic Information Form to us at

5. My group is interested in registering itself on the World Bank’s supplier database. How can we do this? The World Bank maintains a searchable database of organizations with expertise across sectors and geographies. If you would like to register your own organization with us, please visit, create a profile and register using the prescribed process. Please remember to have all financial and other details at hand when you register. This database is regularly looked at be World Bank project team leaders seeking firms with specific experience. Please note that the Diaspora team does not manage this website, so any questions regarding the process will have to be made to directly to the eConsultant team through their email helpline. Please also look at for more information on doing business with the Bank.

6. We are interested in talking to a senior official at the World Bank. To whom can we talk, and what is their email address? The African Diaspora Program Team has been nominated as the department to work with the African Diaspora and you are requested to contact them with any requests you have. Any correspondence sent to the Regional Vice President or any other World Bank official will be automaticaly redirected to the Diaspora Team. Also, please note that due to the large number of requests we receive, senior World Bank and Africa Region officials are not normally able to speak at events and forums unless there is a strong business case for participation or an already existing relationship. If you have a specific reason for inviting an Africa Region official, please send us an email at and we will respond to you at the earliest.

7. We would like to invite the World Bank to participate in a Diaspora event we are organizing. What is the process to be followed? We are actively seeking to encourage the work of all Diaspora organizations. If you feel that an event you are organizing has a strong basis for World Bank participation, please email us at and we will evaluate its synergy with the African Diaspora Program as well as available resources and communicate our decision to you as soon as possible.

8. We would like to partner with the World Bank on your Diaspora initiative. How can we do this? The African Diaspora Program team is always interested in talking with organizations that are doing interesting and innovative things to harness the power of the Diaspora for development. Please send a brief email to describing your work and a member of the Diaspora team will be in touch with you to either explain why a partnership may not be possible or schedule a conversation to discuss further.

If the preceding FAQ did not answer your questions, you may email us at

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