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Welcome to the Strengthening National Comprehensive Agricultural Public Expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa Program Website

AfrAgPERRecognizing the constraints to the growth and poverty reduction potential of the agriculture sector resulting from limited and mis-targeted government expenditure on public goods and services, the aim of the program, “Strengthening national comprehensive agriculture public expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa”, is to support analyses of public expenditure priorities and impacts to provide the evidentiary bases for improving the impact of scarce public resources spent by Sub-Saharan African governments on agriculture sector development activities.

The program is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Multi-Donor Trust Fund, and is executed by the World Bank Africa Region Sustainable Development Department. It operates in the context of the CAADP of the African Union’s (AU) New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) which encourages governments and development partners to target public expenditure on the agriculture sector as an effective way of stimulating growth in the sector, thereby reducing hunger and poverty.

Program Activities:
The program offers two levels of analytical support to national teams working on agriculture sector expenditure programming: (a) to conduct a basic agriculture sector public expenditure review (AgPER) in countries where such a review has not been undertaken recently, and (b) to carry out specialized public expenditure analyses in situations where an adequate understanding of the nature and magnitude of public expenditures in the agriculture sector already exists.


Basic Agricultural Public Expenditure Reviews (AgPER) - Country-specific diagnostic reviews.


Specialized Country Agricultural Public Expenditure Analyses - Country-specific studies, comprising:


Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PBETs) tracking resources through administrative and procedural steps of budget execution to pinpoint bottlenecks, inefficiencies or deviations from the intended purposes.


Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) Development for Agriculture supporting agriculture sector participation to shift budgeting from an annual to a medium-term perspective within a macroeconomic framework providing projections of available resources.


Expenditure Component Impact Evaluation carrying out evaluations to assess the outcomes or impact of specific areas of public expenditure in the agriculture sector.


Agricultural Public Expenditure Outcomes Links Analysis country and cross-country studies to improve understanding of the impacts of public agriculture expenditure levels and composition on sector growth and welfare outcomes.

Program Status 

For further information contact:
Strengthening National Comprehensive Agricultural Public Expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa Program
c/o Stephen Mink
The World Bank
1818 H Street, NW
MSN J8-809
Washington, DC 20433
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