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Tools and Methods

STATCAP - Capacity Building in Statistics

During the past 50 years, the developing world has experienced strong, but very uneven progress on sustainable growth and poverty reduction. The new post-Monterrey partnership for development has identified the main components for improving on this record: the need for good country-specific and country-owned policies and institutions as well as a continuing commitment to provide effective development assistance.

SHIP - Survey-Based Harmonized Indicators Program (SHIP)

The objective of the Survey-Based Harmonized Indicators Program (SHIP) is to facilitate the monitoring of social and economic outcomes of national development programs using household survey data. This will increase the visibility of sub-national groups, such as the rural population, poor households and women, who typically do not benefit proportionally from the national development programs.

CWIQ - Core Welfatre Indicators Questionnaire

The CWIQ is quick - but not dirty! It uses a structured questionnaire and probability-based samples. It draws extensively from market research methodologies.


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