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Africa Development Indicators 2011

Africa Statistical Update

Africa Development Indicators 2011

The latest set of data from the World Bank on social and economic conditions across the African continent encompasses 1700 indicators ranging from the number of people with mobile phones to the percentage of women in parliament.

Summary of World Bank projects, data and research in each African country:

  • Africa Development Indicators - 2011

    Drawn from the World Bank Africa Database, this publication provides the most detailed collection of development data on Africa.

  • Data on Doing Business

    Provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement. The Doing Business indicators are comparable across 181 economies.

  • Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Project Database

    Data on 3,000 projects in 150 low- and middle-income countries. Leading source of PPI trends in the developing world.

  • Enterprise Surveys

    Enterprise Surveys

    Firm-level data used to benchmark the quality of the business environment across countries. Survey topics include access to finance, business-government relations, competition, corruption, crime, gender participation, infrastructure, innovation and technology, labor, and trade.

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