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History of the World Bank Support for Regional Integration in Africa

In recognition of the increasing importance of regional integration for growth and poverty reduction the Deputies of the International Development Association (IDA) launched the IDA Regional Pilot Program in 2003. The program provides both a unique lending instrument and dedicated pool of IDA resources for regional programs, over 80% of which are earmarked for Sub-Saharan Africa.

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IDA Regional Pilot Program commitments in Africa have grown rapidly in line with strong demand (see graph).

The Africa Regional Integration Department was formed in 2004 to oversee the IDA regional pilot program activities in Africa as well as a growing portfolio of regional engagements outside the IDA program.

In addition to the IDA Regional Pilot Program activities the Regional Integration Department manages a large number of regional Global Environmental Fund (GEF) projects, multi-donor trust funds for Agricultural Research, the Nile Basin Initiative and other sector specific funds, in addition to several activities under the IDA Multi-Country AIDS Program (MAP) facility.

World Bank assistance for regional initiatives is multi-form: Financing and advisory services for regional investment programs, technical assistance and analytical work on current integration issues, capacity building support for regional institutions and advocacy – using the Bank’s convening power to draw attention to the integration agenda and leverage collaboration and resources from donor partners and the private sector.

Portfolio Overview: World Bank's Regional Integration Projects in Africa 

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