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Connecting Gabon:
Fibre Submarine Cable ACE

(Video, 5:58)
The World Bank has granted Gabon a 58 million dollar loan to connect to the new regional project of fibre submarine cable ACE.
Sustainable Urban Growth in Africa:
How ICTs Can Help

(Video, 5:42)
Sub-Saharan Africa's urbanization, the world's fastest growing at 3.5% annually, places severe stress on resource-constrained local governments. ICTs come to the rescue.
Africa's Infrastructure:
A Time for Transformation

(Video, 5:14)
Africa faces many challenges stemming from poorly developed infrastructure. Investment in infrastructure will boost economic growth and greatly benefit development.
Removing Transport Bottlenecks in East Africa's Northern Corridor
(Video, 8:06)
Companies in East Africa grow in regional and global competitiveness thanks to decreased costs and transit times to bring goods to market.
Hi Def version (Vimeo)
Joining Up Africa: Fulfilling Potential
(Video, 4:24)
Infrastructure investment and regional integration in Africa are crucial to unleash the continent's economic potential. This video showcases a success story from southern Africa.
ICTs Enable Innovative Regional Integration in Africa
(Video, 5:45)
Information and communication technologies bring rich new opportunities for innovation in developing countries. This video showcases the World Bank's eTransform Initiative, aiming to help Africa step into the digital future.

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