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Public Information Center (PIC)

The Bank recognizes and supports the fundamental importance of accountability and transparency in the development process. In keeping with its policy to be open about its activities and to explain its work to the widest possible audience, a new policy on disclosure of operational information was approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors in August 1993. As part of that policy, the Public Information Center (PIC) was established to make available to the public a range of operational documents that were restricted to official users.

The Public Information Center/Library in Madagascar is open to the public and provides access to the public Documents & Reports on the country and a library of recent Bank publications.

HOURS, CONTACT, LOCATION:Public Information Center (PIC)


Anosy (near Ministère des Affaires Etrangères)
1, Rue Andriamifidy/Razafimanantsoa
BP 4140, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar

Accessible to users with disabilities

Hours of Operation:

8:00am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Monday to Thursday


Ms. Voahangy Rakotoarinjara
Tel: (261-20) 22 560 22
Fax: (261-20) 22 333 38


Visitors to the Center have free access to:

  • Assistance with searching for development information
  • World Bank project documents, reports and publications
  • Development and research sites on the Internet (public access to the PIC computers and availability of a list of the World Bank websites)
  • CDs and databases of development data
  • Access to the online databases  of the World Bank and the site of the Joint World Bank and IMF Library.


Users of the PIC can request for photocopies from the library’s collection at a charge of 3 cents (= 60 Ariary Malagasy) per page.


Project Information Documents (PIDs)  - Provide brief summaries of main elements of evolving projects. They are updated and expanded as the project preparation proceeds.

Project Appraisal Documents (PADs)  - Describe the project and the plan for its implementation, including procurement procedures. They are made available to the public after approval by the World Bank's Board.

Economic Sector Reports. Include macroeconomic analysis of the country's economy, analyses of major economic sectors. Also cover strategy reports such as poverty assessments and Country Assistance Strategies, etc.

Environmental Assessments (EAs) - Detailed studies required for projects likely to have an impact on the environment. Such studies are made available before the beginning of the project appraisal t.

Loan (or Development Credit) Agreements. These are records of loan amounts and terms and conditions on which the loan is made. They also record the borrower's general commitment to the project objectives. The agreements are made available to the public after the agreement is effective and registered with the United Nations.

Bidding and consultant documents. These provide guidelines for borrowers and their implementing agencies in the procurement of goods, works and consulting services.

Annual report on Madagascar-World Bank Partnership. The report presents the activities of the World Bank in Madagascar achieved in partnership with the government, the beneficiary populations, nongovernmental organizations, and members of civil society. It also presents the substance of the cooperation, namely at the project level, and its accomplishments.


To expand the information on the Bank, the Center is partner with some other organizations located in the main cities of Madagascar as listed below:


Hall d’Information
Bibliothèque de Lecture Publique
Tel. 44 486-35 / Fax : 44 492-85
Antsirabe 110

Alliance française d’Antsirabe
BP 222
Tel. 44 482-49
Antsirabe 110

Alliance française d’Antsiranana
BP 180
Antsiranana 201
Tel. 82 210-31 / Fax 82 210-31


Bibliothèque municipale
Fianarantsoa 301
Tel. 75-509-34 (direct)
75- 509-68

Alliance française de Fianarantsoa
BP 1293
Tel. 75 515-71
Fianarantsoa 301

Alliance française de Mahajanga
BP 639
Tel. 62 225-52
Mahajanga 401

Bibliothèque municipale de Mahajanga
Mairie de Mahajanga
Mahajanga 401
BP 254
Tel. c/o 62 224-14

Chambre de Commerce, d’Industrie, d’Artisanat et d’Agriculture
Boulevard Poincarré – Rez-de-chaussée BP 52
Mahajanga 401
Tel. 62 226 61 / Fax 62 233 70

Alliance française de Taolagnaro
BP 228
Tel. 92 213-01
Taolagnaro 614

Bibliothèque municipale de Taolagnaro
Commune Urbaine de Taolagnaro
BP 116
Taolagnaro 614
Tel. 92 213-73

Alliance française de Toamasina
BP 469
Tel. 53 334-94 / Fax 53 325-86

Bibliothèque Municipale
Angle Rues Grandidier et Johns Bevan
Toamasina 501
Tel. 032 40 285 18

Maison de l’Information
83 Boulevard Joffre
Toamasina 501
Tel. 53 343 95

Alliance française de Toliara
BP 370
Tel. 94 426-62 / Fax : 94 413-92
Toliara 601

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