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Country Development Marketplace 2005 - Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

Development Marketplace is a World Bank initiative that promotes innovative ideas through early stage seed funding. Development Marketplace initiative that promotes innovative ideas through early stage seed funding. The objectives of Development Marketplace 2005 (DM2005) is to identify and fund the most innovative ideas in development. The Marketplace brings together a variety of actors in development, staff from the World Bank and other donor organizations, civil society group, social entrepreneur, private foundation, academia, and private sector corporation, to promote knowledge sharing and help form networks. Development Market Place will also provide a platform to the grass root actors to compete for funding in an innovative and competitive approach in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Innovation is the heart of the development marketplace programme. The goal of the Marketplace is to expose and engage the development community in productive and inventive partnership that will try new approaches and offer high potential impact in the fight against HIV/AIDS.




Turning Ideas into Action - Thinking outside the box”

“HIV/AIDS and Youth and Women” has been chosen as a subject matter for this competition. The Country Development Marketplace, for Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, will provide an excellent platform and opportunity for stimulating innovation in fighting HIV/AIDS. This is why the sub theme “we lost this generation, we must not lose the next” is an ideal proposal to engage many partners to join this campaign.


Why Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi?


While no region has been hit so hard with the scourge of HIV/AIDS as Sub-Saharan Africa, these three countries belong to the HIV belt of Southern Africa. In addition, they share a common heritage as a federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. They continue to share common demographic and health profiles. They have also lost the most productive members of human resource and a precious generation of young parents.


DM2005 Timeline and Key Steps


Development Marketplace process is guided by the values of inclusiveness, diversity, innovation, fairness and transparency. The overall process is described as follows:


Round 1. Competition launch/Proposal Outline (Nov 23-December 1 2004) - Applicants to submit a two-page Proposal Outline by mail to the respective address of the World Bank (WB) office in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe or any appointed agent.


Round 2. Competition Deadline (Jan 14 2005) - Project proposals will be evaluated by an assessment panel in the three respective countries.  At this stage the proposal outlines will be short-listed to 25 from each country by February 15, 2005.


Round 3. Announcement of 25 Semifinalists (February 11 2005) - 10 -15 finalists per country will be identified during this round of assessment process. Finalists to be announced in the media and letters to be written to them.


Round 4. Announce Finalists from each country - The 10 - 15 finalists in each country will be invited to submit complete project proposals to the respective World Bank country offices and appointed agencies.


Round 5. Hold Grand Jury orientation work. ( April 8 2005) - The Grand Jury to review the 30 to 45 Complete Project Proposals from the three countries


Round 6. Africa 03 Development Marketplace Competition and Knowledge Forum (April 29-30, 2005) - At the Marketplace, the Grand July comprised of officials and eminent persons in development, academia, civil society, foundations, government, the private sector representatives and other development partners will select the winners in Lusaka Zambia on April 30.


To take advantage of the presence of a variety of actors in development in one place, Development Marketplace convenes a Knowledge Forum to expose and engage the development community in productive and inventive partnership and networks. Here, finalists have the opportunity to meet with other representatives of the development community and exchange ideas and form networks.


Your organization is invited to participate if it conforms with the criteria:


Applicants: NGOs, FBOs, Media, Civil Society Groups, Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) based in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. All applicants must produce a Certificate of Registration.


Project Implementation time frame: Proposed activities must be completed within 12 months of receiving initial disbursement from Development Marketplace. June 2005 – June 2006.


Promotion of partnerships: All projects must be implemented in partnership with at least one other organization, preferably from a different sector (civil society, government institution, private company, academic group, international agency). For example, an NGO may partner with another NGO, multilateral/bilateral development agency, foundation, university etc.


Ownership: Projects that has acceptance within the community or plan to obtain and maintain ownership by the beneficiaries.


Directions of activities: Programmes that are aimed to support socio-economic development in the fight against HIV/AIDS and not intended to promote or provide assistance to any political activity.


Project-administration ability: The project promoters must have the ability to manage and implement the project activities.


Results: The output or results outlined in proposals should be measurable and demonstrate a direct impact on the community in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Projects with the sole final output of research such as, publications or conference/forum with no directly verifiable result will not be eligible.


Maximum Award Size: The maximum award size is US$20,000.00. Awards to winners vary in size according to the needs outlined in their proposals. Typical awards range from US$5,000 to US$20,000.


Language: Proposal must be submitted in English.


Assessment Criteria


Proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:  Innovation, Focus, Realism and Results, Sustainability, Replicability,


How to apply


There are two steps to applying:


First step: A two page expression of interest should be submitted to a World Bank Office in a respective country or to an appointed agent.


Second Step: A detailed project proposal will be submitted based on a standard application form.


Contact Us


Zambia: World Bank Zambia Office 74 Independence Ave P O Box 35410 Lusaka Tel: (01) 252811 Fax: 254283


Malawi: Development House Capital City Lilongwe 3 P O Box 30557 Tel: (01) 774 410 Fax: 771 158


Zimbabwe: Old Lonrho Building 88 Nelson Mandela Ave P O Box 2960 Tel: (4) 729 611 Fax: (04) 708 659


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