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Welcome! The World Bank In Mauritius
Haleh Bridi, World Bank Country Director for Mauritius

On behalf of all the Mauritius Country Office team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

The Bank's role in Mauritius is evolving, reflecting the country's past success in gaining access to capital markets. Because of its relatively high income, Mauritius is one of only a few African countries eligible for International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

While Mauritius is a well known successful development story, growing international competition and a volatile external environment call for continuous reforms in order to mitigate risks and take advantage of new opportunities. The World Bank is supporting ongoing reforms in Mauritius that build on the country’s long history of strong economic growth. In the face of global economic volatility, Mauritius is taking robust steps to maintain healthy growth, to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable people are not left behind, and to do away with systemic inefficiencies.

With facilitation from the Bank, Mauritius has emerged as an exporter of “how to reform” expertise to peer African governments but also as an importer of inbound knowledge services in selected areas of the reform program. Facilitating these knowledge transfers is an important part of the work of the World Bank Office in Port Louis.

The Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) establishes a framework for World Bank engagement in Mauritius until 2013.  We invite you to read the CPS and learn more about the many ways in which the Bank is supporting Mauritius’ development.

We are committed to accompanying the government and the population of Mauritius in their efforts to face the challenges ahead.

Haleh Bridi, World Bank Country Director for Comoros

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