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Country Assistance Strategy (CAS)

Background on Country Assistance Strategy

The Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) lays out the World Bank Group's development priorities, as well as the level and type of assistance that the Bank Group will provide to a country over three to four years.

CAS preparation is a participatory process. Before the strategy is presented to the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors, key elements of the strategy are discussed with government representatives; and to ensure the widest possible involvement, public dialogues are also held, with Internet-based discussions taking place in many countries.

However, the CAS is not a negotiated document. Any differences between the country's own agenda and the Bank's strategy are highlighted in the CAS document. A progress report is also issued in the intervening years to evaluate program performance and, if necessary, to make any adjustments in line with evolving circumstances in the country. 

Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) for Niger

In May 2008 the Board of Directors of the World Bank discussed a new CAS for Niger, which covers a four-year period, from FY08 to FY11. The CAS sets out the planned lending and non-lending activities of the World Bank Group in support of Niger’s second Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRSP II), and it also aims to help the country achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Niger’s PRSP II was discussed at the Board on April 29, 2008. The preceding CAS was approved in January 2003.

The CAS considers Niger’s central challenge of accelerating development and broadening economic growth so that it translates into reduced poverty. To this end, the CAS proposes a program focused on supporting the drivers of growth in Niger, strengthening the management of public finances and improving access to basic social services.  The program of activities to be implemented during the CAS period has two strategic objectives: 1) Accelerating sustainable economic growth that is equitably shared; and 2) Developing human capital through equal access to quality social services. 

Supporting Niger’s efforts to slow the rapid rate of population growth to allow economic growth to have a greater impact on poverty is an essential element of Niger’s PRSP II and is as a cross-cutting issue in the CAS. Promoting good governance to ensure that increased revenues from growth are efficiently spent and broadly shared is also a cross-cutting theme of the Bank’s strategy. For more information on the strategy and program, visit the links below:


Country Assistance Strategy for Niger, FY08-FY11
1997 CAS Progress Report (issued 2001)
Country Assistance Strategy for Niger, FY03-FY05 (PDF, 5 MB)

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