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Sudan Multi-Donor Trust Funds

The MDTFs are funded by 14 international donors and the World Bank.
About the MDTFs
The Sudan Multi-Donor Trust Funds (MDTFs) are a means for donors to coordinate the reconstruction and development needs of both Northern and Southern Sudan. The MDTFs are funded by donor countries and managed by two technical secretariats, one for the MDTF-National, which focuses on war-affected areas of Northern states (based in Khartoum), and a second MDTF-Southern Sudan (based in Juba). Both trust funds provide funding for priority projects and programs that are both pro-peace and pro-poor. More...

Results under the MDTFs

Rehabilitation and Development in Sudan: Results under the MDTFs
Through the MDTFs the international donor community has provided vital support to the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan. Two key pro-peace projects received support from both MDTF-National and MDTF-South Sudan: Fifth Population Census; $35.3 million and Sudan New National Currency: $37.3 million, both disbursed from the two MDTFs. For more, see Brochure (PDF 615 KB)

Key Documents
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South Sudan: The Struggle To Rebuild


MDTF Oversight Committee Meetings

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