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Interim Strategy Note

The World Bank has developed an Interim Strategy Note [ISN] for Swaziland to govern its relationship in that country with active participation from government and other stakeholders. 

The ISN presents a two-year program of support tailored to the particular circumstances of Swaziland. The country has suffered from slow economic growth for over a decade, but the economy has been improving recently, bolstered by increased revenue inflows from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), leading to a fiscal surplus for the first time in many years. 

In spite of this progress, the Kingdom faces tremendous economic and social challenges. One of the biggest is HIV/AIDs. Swaziland is at the epicenter of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. It now finds itself facing a social disaster of historic dimensions. 

The ISN addresses this and other issues where the World Bank will partner with the government to tackle challenges.

Download the Interim Strategy Note (PDF, 51 pages, 4.66mb)

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