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Publications and Reports

Listed below are links, sorted by topic, to listings of publications and reports on Swaziland:
All Publications and Reports on Swaziland
Country Economic & Sector Work, Project Documents, Research, and Working Papers
Agriculture and Rural Development
Food Security, Agricultural Policy, Rural Water Supply...
Education Development, Community Education...
Economic Policy
Trade, Macro/non-trade...
Electric Power and Other Energy
Distribution and Transmission, Hydro, Thermal
Biodiversity, Environmental Impact Assessments, Cultural Heritage...
Banking Systems, Micro-Finance...
Health and Population
Nutrition, HIV/AIDS ...
Energy, Gas & Oil, Transport, Water, Telecommunications...
Oil and Gas
Exploration, Development, Transportation
Poverty Reduction Strategy, Poverty Situation...
Water Supply and Sanitation
Rural/Urban Water Supply, Sewerage, Adjustment

Highlights and Other Resources