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Economic and Sector Work Highlights

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Public Expenditure Management and Fiduciary Assessment Review (PEMFAR) –  The PEMFAR was conducted to help refine government’s public expenditure management, as well as governance and financial accountability elements of the country’s economic reform agenda.  It has both a developmental and a fiduciary purposeThe developmental purpose is to assist the country to strengthen resource allocation towards poverty-reducing or growth-inducing sectors such as health, education, agriculture and key infrastructure services, through strengthened governance, accountability and public financial management.  With a view to lessen the transactions costs to the Government of multiple separate assessment missions and reports, the PEMFAR also supports progress in donor harmonization consistent with the principles of the OECD/DAC Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.  The fiduciary purpose is to assure donors providing budget support that Togo has a clear road-map to move forward in strengthening its public expenditure management, including procurement. 

PEMFAR Vol. I (french)
PEMFAR Vol. II (french)

Togo: Development Policy Needs Review (DPNR):  The DPNR was conducted  to assess the structural and macroeconomic situation of Togo in order to identify sectoral priorities, as the country was preparing  to reengage with the international financial community and with its development
partners.  The Review also underlines the necessary resumption of economic and financial support of the international community that would help a sustained and sustainable growth, aimed at reducing poverty.

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