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Country Assistance Strategy (CAS)


The Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) is the most important World Bank country document. It is tailored to the needs and circumstances of each country and lays down the World Bank Group's development priorities, as well as the level and type of assistance the Bank will provide for a period of three years.

The CAS preparation is a participatory process. Before the adoption, key elements of the strategy are discussed with government representatives; and to ensure the widest possible involvement, public dialogues are also held, with Internet-based discussions taking place in many countries.

However, the CAS is not a negotiated document. Any differences between the country's own agenda and the Bank's strategy are highlighted in the CAS document. A progress report is issued in the intervening year. More information is available at the World Bank CAS website.


Country Assistance Strategy for Zambia

As Zambia’s export market for copper has boomed and its debt burden has eased under relief initiatives, the economy has moved from stagnation and dependence on aid toward steadier growth, greater prosperity, and readier access to domestic and foreign investment. But the sources and benefits of growth have been narrowly focused. Mining, construction, and service sectors have driven the expansion of gross domestic product (GDP) at 5–6% a year since 2000, while the rural economy has stalled. Despite almost a decade of growth and even longer experience with peaceful, democratic government, almost two-thirds of Zambians live in poverty, and rural people persistently lag behind urban dwellers in most measures of social welfare.

Accelerating economic growth and ensuring that the majority of Zambia’s population can benefit from this growth remain Zambia’s central development challenges. The government’s strategy to reduce poverty and reach middle-income status by 2030 is articulated in its Vision 2030 and Fifth National Development Plan (FNDP), which outlines an agenda of actions for 2006–10. The World Bank Group’s Country Assistance Strategy for Zambia (2008–11) is designed to help the government achieve its objectives through highly selective and targeted interventions that maximize the impact of the government’s own resources and programs and adhere to principles agreed upon by all the partners supporting Zambia’s development efforts.

For more information, please refer to the Zambia CAS (PDF, 1.1 mb).

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