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  • What Would it Take for Zambia’s Copper Mining Industry to Achieve its Potential?
    As Africa's largest copper-mining nation, copper plays a critical role in Zambia's economy, but many Zambians feel the country could benefit more. This report explores the prospect for growth in the mining industry, and the potential impact a larger, more competitive copper-mining industry could have on jobs and prosperity.
  • Needed: A More Competitive Beef and Dairy Industry to Create Jobs
    This note explores the prospects of growth in Zambia's beef and dairy industries, the contribution that larger, more competitive beef and dairy industries could make to jobs and prosperity, and what it would take for these industries to achieve their potential.
  • Can Copper Fabrication Add Value to Zambia's Copper?
    This study examines how Zambia can grow its small copper fabrication industry, the impact it would have on employment and what it would take to enhance the industry's prospects.
  • Zambia’s Infrastructure: A Continental Perspective
    Infrastructure improvements contributed 0.6 percentage points to Zambia’s annual per capital GDP growth over the past decade, mostly because of exponential growth in information and communication services. The power sector, by contrast, pulled the growth rate down by more than 0.1 percentage points. Improving Zambia’s infrastructure endowment could boost growth by up to 2 percentage points per year.


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