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Country Assistance Strategy (CAS)

Background on Country Assistance Strategy

The Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) is the most important World Bank country document. It is tailored to the needs and circumstances of each country and lays down the World Bank Group's development priorities, as well as the level and type of assistance the Bank will provide for a period of three years.

The CAS preparation is a participatory process. Before the adoption, key elements of the strategy are discussed with government representatives; and to ensure the widest possible involvement, public dialogues are also held, with Internet-based discussions taking place in many countries.

However, the CAS is not a negotiated document. Any differences between the country's own agenda and the Bank's strategy are highlighted in the CAS document. A progress report is issued in the intervening year. More information is available at the World Bank CAS website

Interim Strategy Note (ISN) FY 2008-09

The ISN FY08-09 was presented to the Board in May 2007 and aims to maintain operational readiness to re-engage quickly. Strategic outcomes for the ISN are enhanced country knowledge, improved capacity and accountability, and increased harmonization with donors. Start-up activities to implement the strategy are under way; and it has three key expected outcomes:

  • Pillar 1: Enhanced Country Knowledge leading to improved policy dialogue with Government and other stakeholders. Areas of focus would include economic analysis as well as infrastructure and regional integration as areas that can in future lead to rapid economic re-generation.   

  • Pillar 2: Improved Capacity and Accountability in service delivery with a focus on the health sector. Expected outcomes are improved health service delivery using NGO channels, improved capacity in economic analysis and budgeting, and enhanced community-level public and social accountability in service delivery.   

  • Pillar 3: Improved Harmonization among donors to strengthen the effectiveness of programs, and lay the ground-work for a coordinated donor response when re-engagement occurs. A Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) is being formulated with the support of several donors in order to provide resources for activities and outcomes under ISN FY2008-09. 

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