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Academics and Researchers

Researchers and policy analysts in Canadian think tanks and specialized research institutes may find it useful to tap into the vast array of applied research produced and data collected and disseminated by the World Bank. They may also wish to share their own findings with the Bank's researchers and analysts and to explore the potential for participating in conferences or symposia.

Data and Research

The Bank undertakes a broad range of analytic and advisory activities to support its poverty reduction mission through the Development Economics Vice Presidency (DEC) and the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network. The research informs the Bank's work on broad issues such as the environment, poverty, gender, trade, debt reduction, and globalization. DEC is responsible for collecting, studying, and sharing information internally and externally relating to development, which it does through its research group, the data group, and the development prospects group. Visit the Research website for more information about Policy Research Working Papers and other reports. Also, see the boxes at right for links to the World Bank's flagship publications.


ABCDE: The Annual Bank Conferences on Development Economics (ABCDE) is one of the world's best known series of conferences for the presentation and discussion of new knowledge about development, and serves as excellent networking venues for academics and researchers. Click here for more information on past and upcoming ABCDE meetings.

Development Issues Seminars: Since March 2005, Canadian students and the World Bank have organized seminars on key development topics.  Check out a recent event: Munk School of Global Affairs Graduate Student Conference - Empty Stomachs and Loaded Rifles: Food Scarcity and Global SecurityStay tuned for upcoming seminars!

Collaboration with Developing Country Research Institutions

Canadian development policy researchers may be interested in the opportunities to enhance their collaboration with colleagues in developing-country research institutions afforded by the World Bank-sponsored Global Development Network. Established in 1999, the network is designed to provide policy researchers in the developing world with access to financial support and data resources. Among the products and services created by the network to help meet the needs of such researchers are peer-reviewed competitions for research grants, periodic regional and annual global conferences, on-line tools for information-sharing and dissemination, and competitive Global Development Awards for (i) outstanding research, (ii) research medals, and (iii) most innovative development project. While the first two award categories are open only to developing-country nationals and permanent residents, Canadian researchers could alert their partners abroad to this competition.

Click here for more information on hosting promising scholars from developing countries.

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