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While we hope you might find the links below of interest, please note the World Bank is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Development Gateway
An interactive site for information on development and poverty reduction, the Development Gateway Country portals provide a space for communities to share experiences on development efforts. Below are the links to the East Asia and Pacific Country Gateways. Some countries do not have Country Gateways, but we provide the Country Profile in its place.

Country Gateway

Country Profile

Government Websites
These websites provide further country information. They link to sites referred to as "official" government portals. Though not all countries provide such a link, we have done our best to provide the available ones.

single blue arrow  Cambodia
single blue arrow  China (Chinese)
single blue arrow 
single blue arrow  Indonesia (Bahasa)
single blue arrow  Korea
single blue arrow  Malaysia
single blue arrow  Micronesia
single blue arrow  Mongolia
single blue arrow  Palau
single blue arrow  Papua New Guinea
single blue arrow  Philippines
single blue arrow  Samoa
single blue arrow  Singapore
single blue arrow  Thailand (Thai)
single blue arrow  Timor-Leste
single blue arrow  Tonga
single blue arrow  Vanuatu

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