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INNOVATION FOR DEVELOPMENT: The Tokyo International Conference for Africa's Development, the G-8, and Beyond

Location:   Preston Auditorium
Begins:   Jan 07, 2008 15:00
Ends:   Jan 07, 2008 17:00
Contact Person:   Alfred Jay Watkins
Salvacion Rabanillo

Professor Kiyoshi Kurokawa, (Special Advisor to the Cabinet for Science and Technology)
Date, Time and Location:

 Monday, January 07 , 2008,

3:00 PM, Preston Auditorium

The year 2008 will be a critical year for Japanese foreign policy as Japan will be hosting the Global Health Summit in February, the Tokyo International Conference for Economic Development in May, and the G-8 Summit in July.  The year 2008 also marks the mid-term for the Millennium Development Goals.  Professor Kiyoshi Kurokawa is directly involved in planning each of these activities.  He will discuss Japan's vision for each of these major events and the essential of science, technology, and innovation in promoting sustainable, inclusive development in Africa and elsewhere.


Dr. Kurokawa serves as Special Advisor to the Cabinet. He is Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo. He is Commissioner of the WHO Commission for Social Determinants of Health and Chairman, Health Policy Institute, Japan.

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